Dr. Sufrie graduated from the University of Adelaide. Upon graduation, he was selected to be a House Dentist at the Adelaide Dental Hospital. Besides practicing in Australia, Dr. Sufrie has also volunteered at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Nepal. Spending three weeks treating and helping patients with their dental needs.

Dr. Sufrie enjoys all aspect of dentistry and has a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry and surgery. He is also passionate about promoting preventative dental care. Dr. Sufrie prides himself in his ability to communicate well and build trusting relationships with his patients. He is versatile in treating patients from all ages and walks of life. He has worked with children and has had numerous experience with children who are afraid of the dentist. Dr. Sufrie is patient and believes in providing a pleasant experience for a child’s first dental visit.

Dr. Sufrie is passionate about sharing his love for dentistry and he believes in continuous development and keeping up with new techniques and technologies. Dr. Sufrie is committed to listening to his patients, understanding their needs and providing personalised dental treatments.