About UsAloha Dental was founded in 1985 by Dr Lynden Yap. There was much thought on how to name the clinic. At that time, the only way to find a dentist was through a telephone book using the ‘Yellow Pages’ listings. Naming a company under the alphabet “A” would bring our clinic name to the top to the ‘Yellow Pages’ listing. Furthermore, Dr Lynden Yap married name is Mrs Loh. By putting an A in front and behind LOH, the word ALOHA is formed.

Our logo has a prominent coconut tree. This expresses our easy going and relaxing nature. We want to create an atmosphere where our patients are relaxed and stress free when they come for their dental treatment. At the bottom, left of the coconut tree are some waves. We want to create a nice ambience of the sea and the beach. Keep an eye out for the seashells placed all around the clinic. The word ALOHA is prominently displayed with an image of a molar tooth placed under it. This shows the nature of our service.

In Hawaii, ALOHA means friendly, hospitable, welcome, treating each other with love and respect. We cultivate the ALOHA spirit here in our dental clinic. Do note that if you say the word ‘Aloha’ your mouth will be opened and ready for dental treatment. Try it!

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